[Updated Today] 1000+ Jobs for Felons That Offer a Good Second Chance!!

    When was the last time you heard a felony informing that there are jobs for felonies in the market? The situation is actually worse when you are the felony yourself. Even if you find jobs, it is harder to find environments that actually are friendly to felony and display a higher degree of acceptance and resistance.

    Does that worry you? You are not alone and may your job search end here with our assistance. We strongly believe that employment can transform a person in terms of character, social acceptance and financial status.

    jobs for felons

    If you are a felony convict, thousands of companies located in the United States are already waiting to hire you! They neither discriminate nor deny opportunities to people with felony records. They also maintain an excellent track record of hiring and retaining convicts in the past. However, you may have to display your skills and capabilities to the employer to get selected. The key is to apply to a wide number of open positions available on the table.

    Prerequisites to hire felons as job applicants

    It can be a complex situation to re-enter the industrial workforce when you already have a black mark on your record. However, you need to perform certain things before you actually apply for all the available opportunities.

    • All of us make mistakes. Stop feeling guilty!

    No human is perfect and there is always a second way to correct ourselves. Stop thinking that you are bad and plan yourself to face the second life.

    • Be open to stereotypes.

    Due to the conviction mark in the past, there are stereotypes followed by employers. Some may fear that you may harm or steal products or even direct colleagues towards illegal activities. Don’t react to such stereotypes. Instead, assure your employer that your performance and association shall remain danger-free and valuable to both the parties.

    • Establish a professional image.

    Right from the suit, you wear to the way you look at your employer, every action matters. It is important to establish a professional image so the first impression lasts longer. It is a good idea to even learn suitable skills and take up career training programs to present yourself in a better way.

    Further, there are also educational organizations that offer courses exclusively for them and the list includes Boston University, Eastern University, Cornell University, Rutgers University, The University of Pennsylvania and the State University of New York. As soon as you graduate from these universities, it is easier to find out employment opportunities.

    • Take up volunteering jobs in the middle.

    Instead of directly joining a company after being charged for conviction, it is a better strategy to volunteer yourself in non-profit organisations and work for a good cause. This association can certify your character and also offer you reference. It can also serve as a great help when you scale higher in your career.

    • Take background checks lightly.

    It is mandatory for every applicant to undergo a round of background check for the employer to understand the suitability of skills and personality of the person. When you are an ex-con, the employer takes the background check seriously and look out for details like offense nature, frequency, reason, and appropriateness for the job. If the employer is not convinced with your criminal record, you might not be awarded the job but, that’s okay. Look out for companies that have signed the fair pledge and apply for them one by one.

    A career break is not uncommon. However, career re-entry as a felony needs to be handled with care and professionalism as you may have to assure the new environment that you will stay committed and not engage in malpractices anymore. After having worked on your outlook and character, you may have to build a professional resume that further enhances your overall image and gives confidence to the employer.

    Jobs for Felons

    Companies that hire felons

    The jobs culture in the United States is totally welcoming to hire felons but a few of them are skeptical due to past experiences or general stereotypes. Some organizations just do not want to be called felon-friendly as it can affect the brand value and reputation in the market. Hence, such organizations do not even post advertisements. Having said the one side of the story, the other side is extremely supportive and boost up the felons to take up opportunities that can transform their lives.

    Popular brands like FedEx give them jobs with certain conditions based on jobs. Multinational corporations that have expressed consent to the fair chance business pledge include Dropbox, Bestbuy, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Kroger, LinkedIn, PepsiCo, Perdue Farms, Starbucks, Unilever, Xerox, and Walmart. It is easy to remember the list of companies that hire felons but it is essential to keep in mind the eligibility criteria and analyze the organizational culture well in advance so as to be prepared accordingly.

    Here is an overview of how companies that hire felons and how they can benefit from the association.

    List of Companies that hire felons

    McDonald’s – Best fast food giants like McDonald’s involve a franchise system where the felon hiring policy can be different than regular jobs. As the employee turnover rate is increasing day by day, McDonald’s tries hard to retain resources and offer them an efficient succession plan. Same is the case with other fast-food giants like Subway and KFC. As a felon, you can always enter the field in the entry-level as a cleaner or a server or a waiter or a washer and then become a supervisor at one point of time. Sounds like an excellent career move, right?

    Gap – This best retail giant is popular for its case of child labor. However, that bitter instance has pushed the firm to remain transparent in its employment practices. Eventually, it has now signed in the fair chance pledge and has agreed that it would not discriminate applicants based on possession of felony conviction records. The good news here is locations, where Gap is situated, have already sought legal consent to include so they can hire felons for the employment purpose considering their criminal record. Not interested in retailing? You can get a job in other departments like transport, administration, and logistics.

    Facebook – The change is inevitable and Facebook is not an exception. This, one of the best tech giant has already consented to the fair chance pledge. If you couldn’t believe this news, you may have to visit its careers page where the firm clearly mentions that applicants are qualified despite the criminal histories as per the law. The only challenge is the tricky hiring process it follows to attract and retain talents in suitable fields.

    American Airlines – Does your interest lie in the field of aviation? American Airlines does not turn your interest down. As one of the signatories of the fair chance pledge, it has also issued a press release stating the qualification of applicants despite the presence of criminal history. Upon selection, you get a position in one of these areas – logistics, administration, staffing, engineering and cabin crew. They place you based on the credibility that you possess.

    Unilever – One of the biggest and best consumer goods manufacturer in the market is a part of the fair chance pledge. Having a lucrative portfolio of about 400 products, employment opportunities are wide. As you apply to the open positions, you get placed in the main office or subsidiary companies located across the country. The advantage of this firm is the stability in your career that it can guarantee.

    One of the most asked question that we get is Does Walmart Do Background Checks Well here is your answer.

    Government jobs for felons

    Yes, you read that right. It is absolutely feasible for felons to get government jobs. The hiring system followed by the government does not reject a person automatically just because of the presence of criminal history. Yet, there are factors that they consider before rejecting the felony applicant.

    –          Nature and severity of the offense

    –          Duration of the punishment

    –          Behavioral reformation after the release

    –          Purpose of a new job

    Every applicant, who is a felony, gets the resume scrutinized on a case-to-case basis. As a result, when there are extreme cases that can destroy the public image, the government tries to reject such applications. Otherwise, a strong profile never fails to receive opportunities from the government.

    Tip – As soon as you have been released by the Court, take all the efforts to shape your behavior and integrate with society. Take positive references and recommendations and establish effective networks with people in as many ways as you can. All these will land up in excellent opportunities at some point in time.

    Jobs for Felons

    Top 15 jobs for felons

    Majority of the industries are ready to give jobs to felons. You need to find out where your passion lies and choose a position accordingly. In this section, we list you an exclusive list of jobs meant for them along with the demand rate, criteria to be met and wage offered.

    1. Marketing specialist / executive / manager Jobs for felons

    If your brain is filled with fresh ideas and innovative action plans that can turn things better for a business, then you have a job in the field of marketing. If your communication is excellent, your growth scale progresses at a better speed.

    With a bachelor’s degree, you can enter this field. Freshers get paid about $17 an hour while a marketing specialist, on an average, gets paid about $34.11. If you are an expert in internet marketing and have hands-on experience in different technologies, your second attempt is going to be brighter.

    You can demand your wages and offer services to several clients at the same time!

    2. Electrician Jobs

    There are abundant opportunities for ex-cons who wanted to enter into the world of skilled trades. Though you need to be trained in the field, there are centers that pay you to get trained. Certain electrical contracting companies perhaps lookout to hire felons on a contractual basis and retain for a long term based on the projects in the pipeline.

    With a vocational training certificate followed by a paid internship, it is possible to take up an entry-level position that pays about $15 per hour. As your performance improves, your wage increases by $13 per hour. This is totally a rewarding segment that felons should never miss to explore.

    3. Plumber Jobs

    Similar to the role of an electrician, a plumber gets better opportunities. The plumbing industry does not disqualify applicants because they are felons. Although some states in the United States have banned felons from entering into residential plumbing segment, there are still plumbing contractors who show interests to hire trustworthy and loyal felons who can add value to the firm and associate for a long term.

    Paid apprenticeship along with a vocational certificate suffice for this plumbing trade. The wages are similar to those of a plumber. However, with the range of opportunities in the market, the salary scale can increase rapidly.

    4. Solar energy technician

    The solar industry is fast growing and convicted felons have massive opportunities to enter the field and grab opportunities. There are solar panel manufacturing units and other vocational training schools that aim to train felons on installation, repair, and maintenance of solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

    Upon completion of the training, a vocational certificate is provided which is valid across the country.

    You can either associate with a contractor or a manufacturer and begin your work at $14.50 per hour. With experience, the salary also increases. On an average, solar energy technician who has the knowledge to address queries of customers, repair the panels and fit the panels and solar devices on the said locations are paid about $22 per hour.

    This is a lucrative offer where felons are highly welcomed.

    5. HVAC technician

    HVAC is one industry that never denies opportunities for felons. Though certain states are particular about providing licenses to technicians, the opportunities are never limited. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are extremely important for people to remain comfortable and proceed with the daily chores.

    Climate control and luxury are two major areas where the country focuses and expands the amenities.

    In fact, HVAC plays a major role in the refrigeration operation. Several pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturing, and quality testing firms rely on the service of HVAC technicians to maintain the quality and safety of the products.

    Similar to other skilled trade mentioned in this list, a vocational certificate is sufficient and a paid internship is offered simultaneously. The industry pays extremely good wages, $15 per hour to begin with.

    6. Oil and gas operator

    The oil and gas industry is wide that technologies are emerging every day. As a felon, you can either work as an operator in Derrick or rotary drill. If you have completed a high school diploma course, it is just sufficient to enter this field and create your career.

    In this field, you get a chance to handle the framework for a specific environment or even handle large drills under the ground.

    The entry-level operator gets paid $15 on an average. The demand in this industry has in fact let the oil and gas companies give importance to hard workers and dedicated stakeholders. The pay scale is definitely better as the average hourly wage is between $22 and $28 based on the requirements.

    7. Military

    It is widely misconceived that felons cannot join the military after a conviction. This field is not for those who look out for quick growth in the job as well as salary. However, it is a steady job where you can earn sufficient money and you may also easily qualify for other benefits like military housing. It also depends on your marital status.

    If you are thinking about finding the kind of roles you will be offered at the military, then you may have to understand that the military is not just soldiering and there are several specialist roles such as tech specialist, chefs, and even commercial drivers.

    Sometimes, you get a chance to get trained in these areas and you will be asked to sign a long term contract with the department. Your track record does not matter when your performance is great and valuable to the organization.

    Military demands people who maintain high morality. Hence, you may have to discuss with your recruiter before you actually apply for the position and get hired.

    This can give better clarity on the background report. If your recruiter is interested with your profile, he may offer a waiver where you can join the field irrespective of your criminal background.

    Tip – Lying or cheating on your careers resume application is never encouraged.

    8. Construction laborer

    If you are not curious to acquire good skills but settle in a random job where you can work physically, then you just need basic literacy. The construction industry is found to employ low-skilled labor where felons can apply too.

    Though a vocational license is mandatory according to several companies, you can still seek references in writing from your professional associations and get hired for a job without interview.

    The job typically includes site cleaning, digging, drilling, erecting, maintaining and developing the site. In general, routine tasks are performed by the construction laborers. The pay scale is not astonishing but still worth in the unskilled segment. It ranges between $8 and $17 per hour based on skills and experiences.

    9. Freelancer

    One of the most highly paid options is freelancing. If you have a skill as a designer or a writer, you can find out opportunities for suitable online portals. Your convictions do not matter in those instances as your skills are important for employers to offer projects to you.

    Designers and writers are highly demanded in the market. Similarly, even freelance sales executives are essential and you need to be extremely creative in order to stay unique and consistently retain in the market.

    This is in fact a wonderful option for those felons who have been charged for different convictions.

    For you to establish a freelancing career, you need to have a bachelor’s or the skill-based degree to prove your mastery. You decide your wages and as per the market condition, it is between $15 and $25 per hour even if you are a newbie.

    After a couple of projects, you learn a lot and your market value increases automatically. You just have to sustain in the field by maintaining your professional value and offering exceptional services and forget the part that you are a felony.

    10. Commercial truck driver business

    Truck drivers are of high demand lately. With a commercial driver’s license in hand, it is possible for you to get a job in this business even though you are a felony. The only point to be noticed about this profession is the extended work hours as they can never be predicted due to the varying workload. On average, a commercial truck driver gets paid $43,690 per annum.

    With a lot of e-commerce companies and manufacturing firms developing on a regular basis, truck drivers are never in loss of opportunities.

    Even small trucking companies offer delivery services. All that they demand from the employees is a background check. Otherwise, performance evaluation happens on a regular basis.

    Note – While it is extremely encouraging and a welcoming move by trucking companies to ensure equality at work, you need to be aware that this job demands you to work out of town for a long time.

    You can never withdraw from work as you sign a written contract in the commencement. The laws abide by the state regulations. Make sure you can follow the rules and regulations as highlighted by the firm before you establish an official engagement.

    11. Carpenter

    Out of several sources of trade, carpentry is one of the best jobs offered for felony convicts. Though it is a skilled trade, it is a niche where you get to work in different environments and weather conditions.

    Sometimes, your work is just limited to the installation of cabinets and shaping plastic materials. Unexpectedly, you may also have to work on crane operation and object structuring.

    Though the opportunities are wide, you may have to upgrade your skills constantly and also begin your career with an apprenticeship irrespective of the state you apply or belong to. On average, you get paid anywhere between $15 and $20 based on your performance if your position is contractual.

    Contrarily, you get paid about $45000 per year which is an average number that can fulfill your living needs. However, this field is appropriate for anyone who is looking to settle in a stable position.

    12. Customer service representative (Telephonic)

    Does your communication solve queries of the listener? Have you ever been appreciated for your best style of communication? Companies need you though you are an ex-con.

    There are several telephone-based positions in service and product segments where people can work from home and get paid for the hours spent or the work is done. To obtain this job, you may have to complete high school and produce your diploma certificate.

    As companies hesitate to place ex-convicts in the reception area where face-to-face interactions with customers are mandatory, this telephonic position is totally accepting to such people. It is certainly not a highly paid one in the starting days. It is about $15 per hour, to begin with. However, as your performance develops and your sales skills improve, you get better wages.

    The advantage of this position is you can scale higher. You begin as a customer service representative and slowly turn into a sales agent and transform into a sales head or begin your own agency. You can either offer marketing services to organizations or promote affiliate products on your own.

    Note – This field demands excellent communication skills and listening abilities to understand, interpret and solve the needs of the listener. You may also require technical knowledge which you would automatically acquire as you join the firm.

    13. Cook

    Have you ever thought that your culinary skills can get you a well-paying job even if you are an ex-con? With the number of food outlets growing rapidly, restaurants and institutional cafeterias are constantly in need of cooks that are versatile and can cook excellent and tasty dishes.

    This is once again a long-term opportunity where felonies do not have to undergo serious background checks. With a diploma certificate, it is possible to enter this field.

    Alternatively, you can take up a course in hotel management before you actually enter the employment period. This will land you up in a job that offers better wages.

    Note – Educational institutions and hospitals would remain stricter on your backgrounds and criminal records. So, you should be careful when you apply for such opportunities. It is always a better idea, to begin your career with, food outlets and then show your experience to seek standard opportunities.

    14. Technical support specialist

    Soon after you have been released from your conviction period, you should take up a course related to information technology. Tomorrow is going to be dominated by a number of technologies.

    It is the right time to acquire specialized skills in technology like testing, coding and troubleshooting problems as stated by the clients. In fact, there is a demand for network engineers and developers who can offer support to ongoing projects in different organizations.

    With a bachelor’s or associate’s degree and a certificate course on a specific technology like cloud computing or networking, you are going to land up in an excellent job that does not only pay you well but also does not discriminate you based on your conviction background.

    IT companies are on the lookout for people with proper credentials and interest to capture the available market. Perhaps, startup companies do not carry out background checks while certain mid-scale organizations can pay attention to your criminal records and postpone your application.

    15. Counselor

    It can actually sound silly when we tell you that you can turn into a behavioural counselor or substance abuse counselor but the truth is, you really can and the market needs ex-cons who would like to lead a new life. Are you eager to know the reason behind?

    As a person who has carried out a grave mistake in the past and also paid its price, you obviously have a better ability to help others to make the right decisions and choices in life.

    For instance, if you were a liquor addict once and then overcome the problem, you are pretty much aware of the challenges faced and the behavioural changes that happen to a person during this transition.

    All that you need to do as a counselor is to patiently listen to the problems of the patient and propose a solution that can be achieved over a period of time.

    In this case, you should never be judgmental and you should ensure confidentiality. If you are looking out for a responsible position and already have a master’s degree or similar, then you are completely eligible for the position.

    The selection process is quite hectic in the public sector but the private hospitals and counseling agencies are accepting people with issues in the past and success in the present. This is perhaps a rewarding job where you get paid anywhere between $15 and $20 per hour to start with.

    Some organizations also encourage you to offer the best telephonic counselling to the patients and this association is extended for a specific period.

    Job openings for felons

    Position Company Location Employers Description
    Sandblasting and painting assistant Delta Sandblasting Company, Inc. Alameda, CA We are looking to hire someone who is hard working, motivated people to help with day to day operations including but not limited to: Painting, sweeping, steel surface preparation by means of mechanical cleaning or hand tool cleaning, pulling hoses, cleaning up job sites.
    Part time Custodian Diversified Maintenance Pennsylvania What you have to do as a Custodian/Janitor:
    Maintain and clean all floor surfaces, including sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming
    Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment, in order to prevent damage to floors and other objects
    Clean, monitor and maintain restrooms, fitting rooms, corridors, store entrance areas
    Empty trash cans for proper disposal; use of compactor for certain materials
    Clean windows, glass partitions, and mirrors, using appropriate cleaners and equipment
    Spot clean carpets; assist in carpet extractions and shampooing
    Replenish paper products and sanitary supplies.
    Follow housekeeping schedule
    Occasionally use heavy cleaning equipment, such as floor scrubbers, backpack vacuums and buffers.
    Other duties as assigned, as required by scope of work or customer needs.
    Concrete Construction Labor Norman Bell’s Concrete, Inc. Galveston, Texas We are seeking to hire an able-bodied person(s) to fill positions with our concrete construction company. Our projects consists primarily of residential concrete work on the West end of Galveston Island. The ideal candidate(s) will have some knowledge of the construction industry, preferably concrete work. Candidates MUST have reliable transportation (no exceptions) as job locations may vary throughout the day. Candidates must also have small hand-tools, and/or safety equipment; i.e. hammer, pliers, concrete boots, shovel, gloves, hat.
    Transmission Rebuilder Superior Transmission and Auto Heber Springs Ar Looking to hire – Must be experienced transmission rebuilder , drug free with transportation.



    Times have changed and the employment market as well as employers are now open to hire people with criminal histories. If you are the one who looks out to lead a dignified life after your conviction period, then you may have to begin with training programs. A majority of felons directly apply for jobs and this is where the problem lies. Always begin your new career with training programs. For instance, California prison industry board offers training and work opportunities to people. Find similar organizations in your locality and undergo the training. Once you receive the certificate, you naturally get a reference.

    Do not randomly pick a program for the sake of a certificate. Understand your interest in the skill and the scope of job in this industry. You can accordingly lookout for training programs and use those certificates to apply for the companies listed earlier. If you find it difficult to narrow down your preferences, you can look at the exhaustive list of jobs that are suitable for felons. Choose one and improve your knowledge.

    The market is truly greener on all sides and as a felon, don’t miss out the opportunity that comes by! Also, check out our another article where we have discussed in detail about Felon Friendly apartments that they can get easily.

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