Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Walmart is a retail giant that has abundant open positions at any given moment. While the number of applicants is also large, the process actually gets challenging if you are a felon.

The background check is one complicated phase that lets your employer (Walmart) decide the suitability to the position based on the criminal record. Hence, you need to pay attention to this round of the hiring process for jobs for felons and know the ABCs of this round.

Walmart Background Check – FAQ information

Before we get into FAQs and information of background checks carried out by Walmart, let us make it clear that –

Background checks are mandatory for Walmart and if you are a felon, the recruiter is even particular.

Why does Walmart conduct a background check for a new job?

Walmart strongly believes that a background check can reveal the intricate details of convictions and also specific information like education history and financials.

Based on the information collected, the firm believes that it can assess the potential and morale of a person and decide the appropriateness for the position and the company on the whole.

How far is an applicant’s background assessed for job?

According to most of the states, an employer is permitted to request a criminal history of a person up to 7 years. However, some states relax the offering to 10 years. This means the employer can access the records for a really long time and when your criminal history is frequent, there is a chance for the employer to reject the application directly.

Does Walmart carry out the background check itself?

A background check for job is a lengthy process where Walmart has already collaborated with a firm named that helps in searching the criminal records of an applicant and screening the applicant’s capabilities.

So, it is important to be clear that this is not an instant background check that can be carried out online. Instead, the firm presents Walmart with results of US alias Verify, sex offender (nationwide), history report, security search at national, county and federal levels.

What is the waiting time of a Walmart background check?

Typically, a background check can take between a week and 30 days based on data availability, internal processing and the number of applicants that applied at a given time for a job.

Sometimes, the results would be available in just a couple of days and the hiring manager can reach out the applicant instantly. However, as an ex-con, make sure you remain patient until 30 days after which you can reach out to the firm for decisions or updates.

Does a background check happen before or after the personal interview for jobs?

Walmart accepts only online applications for jobs. Once you fill out the basic detail of yourself, you may have to undergo an assessment test where you may be presented with about 65 questions from various topics. If you have scored well, you will be asked to appear for the personal interview where the hiring managers can ask questions on your abilities and background. Till this point, there is no sign of background check.

If the hiring manager is convinced by your answers, he/she might conduct a personalized background check to go through the criminal records and compare them with your answers. This happens after a personal interview is conducted.

Note – Make sure you are honest throughout this journey!

What happens after the background check is carried out?

If your profile is of interest to the hiring manager, you will be asked to appear for the next round of interview that will include a drug test as well. As soon as you complete this round, you may have to wait for a couple of weeks to know the results and start the work. Make sure that you reach out to the hiring manager if you don’t hear from him/her after the waiting period.

If you receive a confirmation call from the hiring manager about your selection, you will begin your work with an orientation program where you understand the policies and regulations to be followed in the internal environment.

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Can applicants perform personal background checks before applying at Walmart?

If you have just thought of starting your career after the conviction and want to run a background check on yourself to know what will be displayed, then you may have to reach out to an attorney. To run the check, you will be charged.

You can see specific details relating to your driving records, credit report, social media accounts, education report and records of criminal charges made in the past. Running it yourself can be extremely advantageous as you get to know what to talk to your hiring manager and remain honest as questions are asked. This will reduce your stress levels when a background check is actually initiated by Walmart.

Is the background check by Walmart the same for felons application too?

Yes, it is the same for all employees. In fact, Walmart is excited to offer the best jobs to felons but the state laws influence the decisions too. For instance, you may begin your association with Walmart at one state but as you are transferred to another state, you may not be able to apply there as a felon.

Tip – Do your research on state laws for the employment of felons before you give this a shot.

Tips to find and land a job and working as employees in Walmart and other companies

Having discussed how a background check will happen and how an applicant has to be aware during the interviews, it is high time that we also give you a few amazing and proven tips to land at a job in the prestigious retail giant store, Walmart.

  • The store operates 24/7 and night shift workers are highly demanded. So, as a felon, you can give this shift a try.
  • Widen your job preferences as this increases your chances of getting hired by this firm.
  • As you appear for the interview, detail the criminal history and the efforts you have taken to reform post the event.
  • Do your background study of the firm and list down the traits and competencies of yours that can remain as assets to the firm.

Once you have landed a job, then the next step would be to get a Felon Friendly apartment

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