The International Careers Consortium (ICC) was founded in 1982 by a group of career and international student advisors from the Greater Boston Area.  Since then it has attracted members from a larger geographic area. The group’s original goal was to establish an organization which would further the interest of both American students considering international careers and international students who want to work in the U.S. or abroad in countries other than their own. In 1999, ICC invited Education Abroad professionals to join the group. Over the years ICC has conducted many workshops/conferences on a full range of issues affecting students with international career development goals.

Mission Statement

To facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between International Student Advisors, Career Development Advisors, Coop/Internship Counselors, and Education Abroad Professionals by providing published materials, hosting relevant and timely conferences, sharing best practices and serving as a resource for identifying ways of increasing international career development opportunities for both domestic and international students.

How to start a professional writing career?

Many people dream of working in the creative industry where they will generate ideas, and shape them in words. The job of a writer looks tempting to many students and recent college graduates; however, only a few know how to realize their dreams and become an artist of words at college essay writing service. In this post, we will tell you what a writer’s job is like, and how to become a good writer

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What will you do as a writer? 

The job of a writer is often perceived as sitting in front of a laptop in some rural area, watching the sun go up and down, and writing with a cup of tea. This work seems to be pretty romantic, calm, and convenient: no set working hours, no office visits, and no boss around. Yet it’s not even close to reality since a writer is not a person who works only when they want and schedules their workflow around the sparks of inspiration. A writer’s job is pretty much similar to other jobs where you need to be disciplined and practice a lot every day to achieve impressive results. 

What are the most popular jobs for writers? 

Now let’s take a look at the careers in writing that you can start quickly. Some of these jobs require previous experience while others can be applied to just if you have enough enthusiasm and courage. They are the following: 

  • A college newspaper writer. The easiest way to start a career as a writer is to become a journalist for your college publications. This job requires just your desire to realize your writing potential and the effort that you are ready to put into it. In this position, you will be writing about college events and daily life. The other positive side of this work is networking with many people from your college (including those boys you have a crush on);
  • A local newspaper contributor. In case all positions in your school newspaper are taken or you want to have a more challenging job than the previous one, you can apply for a position of a contributor to a local magazine or newspaper. Be ready to work on the go a lot: a newspaper journalist has to be in the spotlight every day;
  • An essay writer. This is a great job for those who do not want to leave their campus territory and work right from their room. There are two ways to work as an essay writer: either serving your classmates and friends or go online to search for ghostwriting jobs for beginners. As a ghostwriter, you will write essays, research papers, and coursework for other people. They will get fine grades while you will earn money for your talent to meet the professor’s expectations; 
  • A freelance copywriter. This job is one of the handwriting jobs that have a lot of potential in terms of self-development: once you become a copywriter, you can work wherever you are and as much as you want. All you need to do is register on a freelance platform and start collecting orders from all over the world. The more texts you complete, the higher your rating will be. The salary will also depend on you;
  • A content creator for digital agencies. If you do not want to organize your workflow on your own, you can apply for a content creator position in SMM or digital marketing agencies. This job, however, requires an understanding of modern social media algorithms and marketing trends, so please make sure you got enough training to take up this job; 
  • A web writer for businesses. Finally, you can start writing texts for your friends’ or colleagues’ businesses. This job combines writing and visual design skills to create engaging content for the landing pages, websites, and blogs. 

How to start a writing career? 

If you want to start doing one of the best writing jobs, we advise you to do the following: 

  • Enroll in the Creative Writing course at your college. It is a perfect option for everyone and especially for those who want to start writing but lack the courage to do it. Also, working closely with your college professors is better than paying for online writing courses of suspicious quality; 
  • Attend international careers conference. Such events allow aspiring authors not only to improve their writing skills but also network with potential mentors and employers. If you have a chance to attend a writing workshop, session, or a talk with famous writers, don’t miss it;
  • Register on the HandmadeWriting website. You can read the company’s blog with writing tips, check paper samples, and start working as a paper writer at HandmadeWriting.com immediately. No talks anymore, just practice with real orders and customers. So what are you waiting for?